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TV Wall Mounts

At Rocelco, supplying you with better flat panel mounts is just the beginning.

TV Wall Mounts

Why are Rocelco Mounts better?

Because we have a decade of hands-on experience learning what our customers need in mounts that work better, look better and install more easily. We sweat the details to give you a stronger, safer, more functional product and an easier installation experience.

Why are Rocelco Mounts better?

Rocelco Articulated Mounts... in more applications because they provide enough extension for corner mounting, but can still be folded for center-wall use. We also include a wider range of VESA mounting adaptors as standard, not as an extra-cost add-on. Features include cable management, heavy duty construction and great looks that complement your sleek, hi-tech TV.

Rocelco Articulated Mounts...

Rocelco Tilt/Low Profile Mounts...

...provide great strength, versatility and fast, easy installation. For example, the XLTM is our exclusive design worldwide, handles screens up to 90 inches including double or triple-stud mounting, and includes extra hardware to comply with wall spacing standards recommended by TV manufacturers.

Rocelco Tilt/Low Profile Mounts...

Why is a better product just the beginning?

Because we share our expertise with our customers. Whether you are a national retailer that needs to update your program, a commercial installer who needs to configure three custom ceiling mounts for a gym or 300 cost-effective mounts for a hotel, or any other reseller or vertical market, we work with you to get the best performing and most cost-effective solution.

Why is a better product just the beginning?

Since 1962

Rocelco Inc. is a Canadian-owned and operated importer and manufacturer of Consumer Electronics accessory products serving
North American retailers for more than fifty years. We're proud of our half century of service. Read More. . . .

Did You Know

Thank you for waiting to receive your order for the
Rocelco ADR Sit-Stand Adjustable Desk Riser

Our expanded new factory is now up and running, and shipments of Rocelco ADRs are now arriving every week. If your order has not yet shipped, it should be on its way to you very soon. We are building a huge following for the Rocelco ADR, including customers who called our sit-stand adjustable desk riser "life-changing” for them. Thank you for your patience and loyalty.

"Sitting is the new smoking"

Employees who use a "Sit to Stand" desk are more productive, focused and less stressed.

 According to Smithsonian Magazine, there are 5 key benefits to standing at work for part of your day:

      1. reduced risk of obesity.
      2. reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and other metabolic problems.
      3. reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.
      4. reduced risk of cancer
      5. lower long-term mortality risk.


The Rocelco ADR sits on top of your existing desk. It provides an adjustable height 32" x 20.5" desk that easily holds 2 monitors and a laptop.

5 adjustable heights from 6.5" to 16.3" provide the proper height and working angle for sitting or standing.

Gas springs hold up to 88 lbs.

Keyboard tray is 11.8" deep, large enough to hold a keyboard or a laptop and retractable to offer the ergonomically correct position whether sitting or standing.